Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Unless we get a storm and are forced to cancel soccer tonight, we have decided to go with it.  If you are not comfortable bringing your kids to soccer, please don't feel that you have to.  It is definitely a judgement call for each family.  Most kids are outside playing in the heat anyway so as long as the proper accommodations are made and you as a parent are going to allow the kids to play, we will play. 

There are a couple of things that everyone can do to make it more enjoyable for all:
1.  Bring lots of water so everyone stays hydrated.  That includes those sitting on the sidelines. 
2.  Take more breaks.  Divide the games into 4 segments instead of 2.  If a child decides they don't want to play because they are too hot, don't make them.  If we run a little overtime, we don't care. 
3.   If you don't have a lot of kids on the two teams playing, make it a fun game with no pressure.  If you don't have enough kids check with the other teams and combine a couple of teams together to make 2 teams to play one another. 

There is absolutely no pressure for children to be at soccer because the teams will be short or anything like that.  We have lots of kids that we can combine into other teams.  Our only goal is still for the kids to have fun and without any pressure.  There are a lot of reasons why parents may decide that they can't come due to the heat and we understand that. 

If things change and we feel the need to cancel due to a storm we will do so about 5 o'clock.

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